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In my professional life I've worked in both management and technical IT roles for small, medium and large organisations, across a wide array of industries. I've also run a couple of my own small businesses.

I started working in IT in 1993, discovered the Internet shortly after and wrote my first HTML website in a text editor in 1995 for fun (yes, geeky!). I continued to dabble with the web and HTML/CSS while my IT career progressed, until one day in 2005 when I had an idea and needed something more powerful, and discovered Mambo and then Joomla. I've been using Joomla professionally since the early 1.0x days, and I still love experimenting with all the different things it can do. Yes, I can Wordpress too, but I think Joomla is better. :)

In 2016 I completed a degree in Internet Communications via Curtin University and Open Universities Australia, which has allowed me to expand my skillset to include social media and small business marketing. I also gained official Joomla Certification, the first person in Australia to do so.

These days my focus is on developing web solutions for small business owners, schools, sporting groups and other local community groups, using my experiences in management, technology and the Internet to help my clients solve their digital issues and achieve their goals. What I really enjoy, is helping people by speaking with them in plain English!

I also enjoy volunteering, both in the local community and the wider Joomla community. I'm a co-organiser of the Melbourne Joomla User Group, a committee member of the JoomlaDay Australia conference, and a member of several global Joomla teams.

Let me know if I can help you. :)


Joomla! 3 Certified Administrator