A cheap email service may seem appealing when you're first setting up your business and trying to stretch the budget as far as possible.

But cheap email is a false economy. You get what you pay for!

Here's what you DON'T get with a cheap email provider:

  1. Email reliability
  2. Decent spam filters
  3. Good tech support

We recently received an email from a client we built a website for a few years ago. Let's call her Jane. Sadly and somewhat ironically, Jane's email went to Spam so it took us a few days to find.

Jane was complaining about the amount of spam email she was receiving!

Unfortunately, Jane isn't great with tech and she's never really understood that her email, which was set up before we met, was unrelated to her website. To her, everything is "online". At our first meeting she mentioned she'd been having email problems, and once we understood which email provider she was using things became a little clearer. We've seen this before. 😩

Literally the only setting we managed relating to Jane's email was a single A record in the DNS zone. This A record has been unchanged since day one. We've confirmed several times this is the only setting required, both when we first set up the hosting DNS and every other time Jane has experienced email problems and we've tried to be helpful even though it wasn't actually our problem to solve. (In hindsight, trying to be helpful was probably a mistake because over time Jane clearly started to think it was our problem to fix).

This time, Jane spoke to their tech support and they told her the spam wasn't their fault because the DNS settings were wrong (nothing had changed, so no). Last time, tech support told Jane her emails weren't sending because the website wasn't configured properly (Jane never sent email through her website, also no). The time before that, they told Jane her email was getting lost because her PC wasn't set up properly (it worked before, her PC hadn't changed and she also wasn't getting the mail to her phone, no again).

Lousy tech support, poor spam filters, unreliable email.

If you're serious about your business, you should consider the business impact if emails are not sent or received reliably, or if they end up in spam. Spam is essentially another email provider ranking your email and where it comes from using a set of algorithms and rules, and deciding it is more likely junk than not. Some email providers are ranked much lower than others. If email isn't important to the success of your business, by all means go cheap. But otherwise…

If you want to get business email right, we're happy to help! We have experience with email in all environments ranging from small business to enterprise.

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