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While writing a blog post for clients about Google Reviews, I wanted to display Google Reviews on the WebSolutionZ website.

"Install a module or plugin", you'd think, and off we go. But it wasn't so simple...

Eventually I found these instructions and utilised them on our website. Here's what I did:

  1. Obtain a Google Maps JavaScript API key (this can also be used for a Google map). (Make sure it's activated).

  2. Obtain a Google PlaceID for your business location (this is also used for the Review link).

  3. Install Sourcerer (from RegularLabs).

  4. In your Joomla website, create a Custom module.

  5. Using the Sourcerer Code button, insert the code from here (if you don't use Sourcerer the code will likely be stripped out by your editor).

  6. Make sure you replace the red key/placeID in the code example in 5., with your own client key/placeID from 1. and 2.

  7. Publish the module to the appropriate page/module position (we added it to our Testimonials page).

  8. Format using CSS as appropriate.

Here's our effort - what do you think?

** Update May 2020: Unfortunately this has stopped working on our site so our effort is offline until we can work out what's going on. **

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