**Updated 15 January 2015**

Once your Facebook Page is set up and you are an Admin, there are a couple of things to remember.

1.   Liking as your Page, vs liking as yourself. When you use the Desktop version of Facebook and click on your Page, because you are an Admin, by default anything you post on your Page will be posted on behalf of [BusinessName], not yourself. You will be able to see this by checking to see which icon is visible in the Status box:


However, it's considered poor form on social media to Like your own post, so if you write something from [BusinessName], don't click Like straight away. Instead, click on that Posting as button to the right of any Status and change to your personal profile, THEN Like the post, as yourself:


This has the added benefit that your Facebook friends will see that you've Liked that post, which will possibly bring more people to the Page.

2.  Customer Posts or Reviews. Social media is a conversation. If somebody takes the time to leave a comment or Review, it is important to respond. You may choose to just Like the comment/Review, or leave a thank you/reply. You can find Reviews on the left underneath Photos (on the desktop version).

If you mostly access Facebook via smartphone or tablet, you may like to consider installing the Facebook Pages Manager App. This allows administration of business Pages via one app, keeping the Facebook app for personal use. This not only prevents accidental mis-posts from the wrong place, but the Pages Manager app also provides a lot more insights into the Page's usage than the Facebook app does.

Good luck!  

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