Joomla! 3.9 - known as "The Privacy Tool Suite" - is now available. 

The Privacy Tool Suite was primarily created to assist European Joomla users with handling the new privacy requirements implemented via the GDPR in May 2018. However, some of the functionality is proving to be very useful for the rest of us as well!

 The main thing I'm going to look at today is the User Actions Log. According to the Joomla Documentation: "This system provides an infrastructure to create an audit log of activity performed on a website and can be fine tuned to the site admin's preferences."

Considering how often I forget things, this is a lifesaver. Even in sites without multiple users, it's useful for ME to go back and see exactly what I did.

To enable the system:

  1. Visit Extensions -> Plugins and search for Actions.
  2. Enable the System - User Actions Log.

The plugin can be configured to delete log files after a set number of days.

The next step is to create a new Administrator Action Logs - Latest Module. Add this to the cpanel position and voila!

Joomla 39 action logs latest module en

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