The current Joomla 3 website software reaches End of Life (EOL) on 17 August 2023 and after that date we can no longer guarantee the safety and security of Joomla 3 websites via our CMS Maintenance plan, so we will be cancelling CMS Maintenance plans for Joomla 3 websites on that date and offering refunds on any payments made past that date.

Whilst clients are welcome to keep their current Joomla 3 site and maintain it themselves going forward, please be aware that no security patches will be released by Joomla after this date and therefore the risk of compromise increases over time.

To mitigate this risk we recommend either migrating Joomla 3 to Joomla 4, or migrating to another website platform.

Joomla is a CMS website so if you require ongoing CMS functionality or if you have heavily customised your Joomla 3 build, you should migrate to Joomla 4. Otherwise, we recommend a SaaS platform such as Squarespace. (For more information on the differences between a CMS and a SaaS, please visit our FAQ).

Please contact us to discuss your migration options.

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