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This Thursday 24 March 2022 sees the launch of a new Australian domain name - .au.

You're probably already familiar with and - for example, Now you'll also be able to get .au.

From Thursday, people who can demonstrate they or their business have a connection to Australia will be able to purchase .au domains. It's the first time the .au domain has been available for purchase after auDA, the organisation that manages Australian domains, launched the product after years of consultation.

Businesses that already have a domain under or a similar site will have priority status to register the corresponding .au website in the six months after the launch.

At this stage domain registrars are offering the new .au domains at a similar price to the existing prices, however they are only guaranteeing this for the first year so the potential ongoing price should be taken into account if you wish to purchase.

For more information about the new .au domain names, read the auDA article here.

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