Facebook has released some new features for image and video creation which may be quite useful.

(Of course, it's questionable how many people actually see your Page these days, since Facebook changed the News Feed algorithm to de-prioritise Pages earlier this year. But if you're going to have a Page, it never hurts to make it look as professional as possible.)

The first feature we'll look at is Cover Slideshow. Instead of having one cover image on your Facebook page, now you can have several in a slideshow format. This feature has been slowly rolling out for a while now, and a quick glance at all our managed Pages shows it is now available to everyone.

This is useful for no other reason than - if you have a slideshow on your website, you can now "match" your Facebook page by adding the same slideshow images to the cover photo area.

If you would like to change your Page cover image to a slideshow, click here for Facebook's instructions.

Alternatively, you can also add a video to the Page cover, but obviously this a lot more work than simply uploading images already available on your website!

Another feature recently announced are new tools for creating video content using still images. This is geared more towards creating Facebook ads than general use, but there's no doubt it's a very simple way to create video if you're not particularly skilled in this area. For more information click here.

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