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Over the past week I've been working towards rebranding WebSolutionZ. I've been studying Internet design recently, and I've read some great articles that helped clarify why I needed to make a change.

The old logo was 10+ years old and thrown together by me at a time when I didn't have particularly good design skills. I don't think I fully appreciated at the time that a logo:

  • reflects your brand
  • should inspire trust, recognition and admiration for your company
  • is likely to be used for a long time

so it's important to get it right.

I did some reading and decided to use 99designs to run a design contest. I can't recommend this highly enough. I followed the suggestions in this article as to the best way to run a contest, so I won't repeat them here.

The important thing is to write a good design brief and explain exactly what you're looking for. I changed my tagline to reflect my changing business offerings, so I wanted an icon that gave the impression of: simple, let me handle it all for you, professional, reliable, full-service (ie. web and social), friendly and collaborative. But I didn't specify what that icon should be so I let the designers come up with their own ideas and, because I'm visual, I ended up relying on "first impression" and "gut feel". Highly technical, yes?! :)

Overall, it was a really interesting process. At the contest close I had 117 entries from 16 different designers from all around the world, which was fantastic. And I learned a lot - during the process a couple of designers (who hadn't even submitted an entry, but apparently spotted a newbie a mile away!) provided feedback about some designs which turned out to be copied from elsewhere, so I learned how to spot copies, how to give constructive feedback and how to end up with a good result.

What do you think of the new logo?

If you ever need assistance with this process, please give me a call. :) 

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