Recently I read a question on the Joomla Facebook group about how to set up a blog on Joomla, and comparing the process to Wordpress.

A blog can be an important piece of your Content Marketing strategy, along with Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

For background, Wordpress started life as a fairly simple blogging platform and evolved into a CMS, and the bones of it still revolve around blogging. In comparison, Joomla started life as a full CMS, of which blogging is just one component.

If you only ever want a simple blog, and will never want anything else apart from a blog, Wordpress might be your best bet.

However, it's also pretty easy to configure a blog in your Joomla website, no coding required. This blog is Joomla - here's what we did:

The Basics

1. Create a Category

  • In the backend, click on Content / Categories.
  • Create a new category. We call ours Blog but you may prefer News or something else. (Whatever you choose, will become part of the URL - for instance https://www.websolutionz.com.au/blog - so it pays to choose carefully).

=> Drag this category to the top of the category list. This makes it the default category.

2. Create a dummy Article

  • Click on Content / Articles and create a new article.
  • Give the article a Title, type some text, and make sure the Category is set to Blog. (If you've dragged it to the top in the previous step, the category should have defaulted to this).

=> This is your first blog article. It's useful to have this for configuration purposes, but it can be deleted when the blog is ready to go live.

3. Create a Menu

  • Click on Menus / Main Menu and create a new menu link.
  • In the Menu Title box, provide a name for the menu link (ie Blog - this is what appears on your site).
  • At Menu Item Type, click the Select button, then choose Articles / Category Blog (this determines the layout).
  • At Choose a Category, click on the Select button and select your new category.
  • Click on Save & Close.

=> Go to the frontend. Refresh the site and you should see a new menu called Blog. Click on this menu, and you should see the dummy article you created earlier.

Congratulations - you have now created a blog in Joomla!

Configure Blog Layout

Many configuration tweaks can be made in the Blog menu item to finetune the layout. For example, in this blog we have set:

Category tab

  • Show Tags: Show

Blog Layout tab

  • # Leading Articles: 5 (this determines how many blog posts appear per page)
  • # Columns: 1 (this determines how many articles appear across in Desktop view)
  • # Links: 5 (these are the title-only links at the bottom)
  • Article Order: Most Recent
  • Pagination: Auto
  • Pagination Results: Show

Options tab

  • Show Author: Show
  • Show Create Date: Show (or you may prefer to use Modify Date, or Publish Date)
  • Show Navigation: Show (this provides the Next/Back buttons below each blog post)

Further Configuration

Most blogs have a number of additional characteristics which make it a blog, such as a search bar, tags, links to previous or popular posts, comments, and more. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Add some modules

In our blog we've published modules to the right sidebar position. (In your template it may have a different position name, or you may want to place the modules in a different place).

Search module

Display Latest Articles

Display Popular Articles

Use Tags


User Info Box

  • If we were doing this today, we'd probably use Joomla Custom Fields to achieve this functionality.
  • There is a free plugin called AIB - Author Info Box by Viktor Vogel, which plugs into the User profile.
  • As we only have a small number of authors on this blog, we created a custom HTML module and assigned it to the Blog category.

Editing your blog

There are 2 ways to manage a Joomla website - via the backend, or via the frontend. We configure sites in different ways depending on a variety of factors.

Backend Content Editing

Frontend Content Editing

Please get in touch with any queries, or feel free to comment below.

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Author: Nicky Veitch

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