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For the last couple of years, I've been encouraging small business owners to set up a Facebook Page, and to use it to funnel information through to their website, with varying degrees of success. In one project during 2013, we managed to get a brand-new community-based not-for-profit website from 0 to over 5000 unique visits in a single month, across a 4 month period, which was a great result for very little financial outlay.

Unfortunately, in December 2013 Facebook changed an algorithm and now the possibility of information posted by a Page being seen by followers has dropped dramatically. Some brand Pages are reporting that post reach has declined by up to 50%.

For further information, I suggest you read this article by Business Insider Australia.

So, what can you do?

Well, for now, I would still recommend establishing a Facebook Page. But as I've said previously, don't put all your eggs in one social media basket. Many organisations over the years have spent considerable time and effort building up a large following on a particular social network such as MySpace or Facebook, only to find that time and effort wasted when the network in question changes the way they do things.


As social network users, we do not own our own content.

Set up your social media presence as part of an overall web presence, in conjunction with a personalised website, with links pointing back to that website. Imagine that the website is the centre of a spider web, and all other social media points back to it.

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