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Recently a client requested a simpler way for certain users to add new content to their Latest News blog.

Much as I love Joomla for the flexibility and vast multitude of options it allows, the flipside is that in some cases, there are just too many options for an end user with simple requirements.

Here's a good demonstration of Why We Like Joomla, and also why we use Akeeba Admin Tools Pro's Web Application Firewall on all of our client websites.

A couple of weeks ago we launched a new Joomla site, that replaced an old Wordpress site. It's not a large site, but all of those 404shield security exceptions are bots searching our new website for a Wordpress login page. This is literally 98% of the bad traffic blocked in the last 2 weeks!

In March 2018, Google announced a change to their algorithms with the snappy title of Mobile-First Indexing. What does this mean? Do you need to do anything?

News out of Google this morning that they are finally shutting down Google+. We've had a Google+ page for several years with literally nothing happening on it, so this isn't a surprise. But that's not the only news...

A few years ago I built a site for a client who didn't need anything fancy on the contact page, just a standard name, email, subject and message, so it was pretty simple to use the core Joomla Contacts extension, create a single Contact, and set up a menu link to that contact. Usually if I do a contact page this way, I only add the email address to the Contact and hide everything except the form, then create modules for everything around it.

Recently the client came back and asked if we could add a mobile number to the form. Apparently a lot of queries were coming in where people were mistyping their own email address, so a phone number would help them to track down the enquiry.

Recently a client contacted me with a question - "How can I do SEO on my website?" They'd been contacted by one of the many snake oil salesmen lurking around the internet, who'd promised the world for (of course) an exorbitant ongoing monthly fee.

I was happy to advise the client - "You're already doing it!"

Facebook has some new features for image and video creation which may be quite useful to some.

(Of course, it's questionable how many people are actually seeing your Page these days, since Facebook changed the News Feed algorithm to de-prioritise Pages earlier this year. But if you're going to have a Page, it never hurts to make it look as professional as possible.)