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This week I attended some free seminars at the Internet Show Melbourne, which wasn't too bad.  The seminar I found most enjoyable was presented by Cara Pring, Social Media Manager at Servcorp, entitled The Future of Social Media. Thought it was interesting enough to share. :-) 

I'm often asked "now that I've got a website - what should I do next?"

The best way to promote your business online, is to get your website as high as possible on search engines (ie. Google or Bing). But this isn't easy, because everybody wants to be on Page 1.

Google uses over 200 fancy algorithms to determine where websites appear on their search engine results, and nobody really knows exactly what they all are because Google keeps them secret. However, Google's goal is to provide the best results for people who perform searches, and they value good, original content over dodgy tricks. So if an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) company contacts you and makes fast/cheap promises about Page 1, it would pay to do some research before immediately signing on.

A report was released this week in the United States by Nielsen and BabyCenter entitled 2012 American Media Mom, which has basically found that mothers are now multi-tasking, technological geniuses. Well, as a multi-tasking technological Mum, that's my take on it anyway! In all seriousness, this doesn't surprise me - the number of enquiries I get nowadays from Mums wanting a website has increased quite substantially since I first started doing this in 2006.

In the past week, two clients have contacted me to ask if they should pay a domain name renewal that has been sent to them in the mail.

Please be aware that there are some dodgy companys around that will send these letters, hoping that you will pay their inflated prices without thinking about it.  This practice is apparently not illegal, although it's highly unethical.

Generally when I build a website for a client I also offer to take on the domain name management, as the company I lease hosting space from also offers very low-priced domain names, and it is also simpler to have your domain name and webhosting in the same place.

Welcome to the new blog! More to come...