Questions and Answers

To create a Facebook Page for your business, you first need to have a personal account. If you aren't already using Facebook, please visit http://www.facebook.com to join.

Once you've created your personal profile, click on the "Pages" menu on the right-hand side, or click on this link. It will look similar to this:
fb page

Select an appropriate category. This may be changed later so don't worry about getting it wrong. As a rule, if you are a business with a physical street address you would select "Local business or place" - this allows you to also create a Place (where people can checkin). If you don't have a physical street address you may prefer to select "Company, organisation or institution". Each category offers different options to display, so once the Page is created it may be worth spending some time changing categories to see how your information is best displayed.

Facebook will lead you through the steps to create your Page, add descriptions, upload a logo, create a custom address (ie. www.facebook.com/YourURLHere), invite friends and add to your own favourites. You may skip any of these steps if you aren't sure what to do, as it can all be done later on.

At this stage, if you require further assistance with setting up your Page, please send me the URL of your newly created Page so that I can Like it.

Once I Like the Page (you will be notified), please click on the "Show" button to display the Admin Panel, then click on the "See Likes" link on the Get More Likes box. Next to my name you should see a "Make Admin" box. Please click on that.

If you would like to further refine your Page information, click on the "Edit Page" button at the top-right.

For further information about Pages, please click here.