Questions and Answers

Your new WebSolutionZ hosting account comes with the ability to set up a nominated number of POP3 email accounts.

What is a POP3 Email Account?

Post Office Protocol, version 3 (POP3) account or POP3 Email Account is an independent email account based on a standard set of rules. They are typically email boxes that have their own unique username and password. When someone sends email to your POP account (e.g., info @ company.com.au), the mail is saved on our servers. To retrieve POP email messages, a user must provide the correct email address, User ID, and password.

How to configure a POP3 Email Account

All POP3 email accounts require the same information - username, password, incoming (POP3) mail server and outgoing (SMTP) mail server. You will also want to add your own name. Different email programs have different menu items to achieve the same end result. Search your email programs Help file for POP3, or look for a menu item entitled Tools / Preferences / Email accounts.

Limitations of using POP3

Email is stored on the server within your hosting account, which counts towards your disk space usage. Depending on how much disk space your hosting account has, large email attachments or a large volume of email may fill your hosting account to capacity. Therefore it is necessary to download email and clear it from the server.

Once downloaded, email is no longer accessible at the server. If you use a PC/Mac as well as a smartphone, and wish to access all of your email from both, POP3 is not a good option.

If POP3 is not for you, there are a number of other web- or cloud-based options available. Please contact us for further information.