Questions and Answers

WebSolutionZ build websites using Joomla! which is an open-source Content Management System (CMS). Joomla! is easy to use, so a Joomla! website owner can update their own website anytime. Open-source means there is no charge for the base software and you are not "locked in" to a specific developer.

In a Joomla! CMS website, the content is separated from the site structure, so it is simple for website owners to change their own content without going near the "look and feel".

The "look and feel" is controlled by a site template, which manages things like - where the logo sits, where the photos go, where the menu(s) are and the style of them, font(s) used, colour scheme, etc. WebSolutionZ uses templates created by specialised template developers, which generally only require minor modifications and means costs can be kept down.

If you are considering a website with WebSolutionZ, it's a good time to start looking at templates now because it can take some time to find the right one. We subscribe to several well-known Joomla! template development clubs that have proven to be very good over the years. These templates allow extensive customisation, and are regularly updated if/when new security issues come to light. Contact us for more information.

What To Look For

When looking at template Demo sites - try to ignore the colours, photos and logos - it can be difficult, I know! What you're looking for in a Joomla! template is the structure - things like fonts, style and shape of boxes, highlighting, shading, heading fonts, the shape of the menus, where the menu sits (top/right), etc. Colour and images are easily changed but the structure is more difficult.

Another thing to consider when selecting a template is the number of template positions that are built in to that template. Generally speaking, the more positions, the greater the flexibility you have going forward. Virtually every client I've ever had has come to me with at least one specific idea of what they want on their website, and then wanted to change or add more things within the next 12-24 months. Purchasing a good quality, highly-flexible template in the beginning gives you more options when you want to add/change things later on, as well as ensuring the template is updated if/when security problems are identified.

Most good Demo sites display available template positions within each template. A good template should have at least 50 template positions, which means you have 50+ places to plug your content in. Each template position can be styled in a certain way, and will automatically disappear if not used. Many of the sites I create only utilise 6-10 template positions, but having the flexibility makes it much simpler to make the site look the way we want. Of course, it's possible to re-style anything with CSS, but the less that has to be done, the quicker/cheaper it is to do the site and the easier it is to plug things in later on without a lot of coding.

Please take some time to look around the Demo sites, and try to choose at least 2 templates that you think may be suitable for your needs. If you find a template you like and aren't sure if it will work for your site, please contact me and I'll check it out. And if you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. :)