Frequently Asked Questions

In short - responsive web design means your website will display correctly on all platforms regardless of screen size.

All websites that WebSolutionZ develop utilise Responsive Design-friendly templates/themes, which means the site resizes automatically according to the device it is viewed on - ie. smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop friendly. This means you only need one website and one URL, which is both cost-effective and good for SEO. However, it also means we must carefully consider how the website is laid out, and try to take all possible "rearrangements" into account.

In March 2018, Google announced they would start indexing sites "mobile-first". This means if your site doesn't display properly on a smartphone, it will be penalised in Google's rankings. Nobody wants that! Therefore, mobile-first, responsive websites should now be considered an imperative.

 For more information on responsive design, please view the following article from our Blog:  Responsive Design websites - how they look on different devices

Please also take a moment to look at our own website, WebSolutionZ.com.au. Try resizing the browser window across to make it as narrow as a smartphone, or view the site on a smartphone or tablet, to see how the content automatically rearranges to fit the device it is being viewed on - certain elements such as large images, and menus, automatically adapt to the available space. For more examples, please visit our Portfolio - all of the websites we've built since 2011 are fully responsive.