Branding is more than just a logo. A company brand defines how your customers perceive you.

If you're starting a new business, creation of a brand identity is one of the first things you should do. If you've been in business for a while, it may be worth revisiting your brand identity to make sure it's right for where your business is currently at.

Graphic design is the craft of creating visual content to communicate. It is art with a purpose.

We employ several Graphic Designers with a combined total of more than 30 years experience in small, medium and large-scale enterprise branding and graphic design work. Services include:

  • Brand identity, including logo, business cards and letterhead
  • Style guide, which outlines the fonts, colours and logo usage guidelines your company will utilise
  • Graphic design solutions, including:
    • social media templates
    • brochures
    • publications
    • documents
    • flyers
    • newsletters
    • signage
    • promotional material
    • packaging
    • interactive PDF forms

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.