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Did you know that in 2015-2016, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, only 31% of Australian businesses - approximately 1 in 3 - had both a social media and web presence?

Yet according to Business Victoria, it's essential for every business to have a digital presence.

But maybe digital isn't something you've grown up with, and it is understandably quite daunting.

So where to start?

The most important thing is to start by establishing a digital strategy for your business. Analyse your business and work out what kind of online presence is going to work best, then create a plan to implement and most importantly, track your results - if something isn't working, you need to know sooner rather than later.

WebSolutionZ can help with this process. Establishing a digital strategy involves some or all of the following:

  • Analyse your business.
  • Identify your business goals.
  • Identify your target audience(s).
  • Identify the best online presence to support and grow your business.
  • Identify required tools/platforms required to achieve these goals.
  • Develop and document a strategy.
  • Establish a website.
  • Establish a digital marketing strategy.
  • Establish a suitable social media presence - Facebook, Google My Business, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and many many more.
  • Learn how to plan, use and maintain everything.
  • Learn how to analyse results.
  • and more...

Please contact us for assistance in establishing your digital strategy.