Simple ways to promote your website

Near the end of a project, new website owners often ask "now that I've got a website - what should I do next?"

The best way to promote your business online, is to get your website as high as possible on search engines (ie. Google or Bing). But this isn't easy, because everybody wants to be on Page 1.

Google uses over 200 fancy algorithms to determine where websites appear on their search engine results, and nobody really knows exactly what they all are because Google keeps them secret.

However, consider Google's goals:

  1. They want to provide the best results for people who perform searches, so people keep using them.
  2. To do this, they need to provide good, original content.

So if an SEM (Search Engine Marketing) company contacts you and makes fast/cheap promises about Page 1, it would pay to do some research before immediately signing on.

WebSolutionZ implement SEO as part of every website project, and we can teach you how to set up SEM campaigns too. Click here for more information.

Can I do anything myself?


First, make sure they know you're there! You can submit a new page URL to Google here, and Bing here. This lets the bots know to come and visit you, which usually takes a few days. If you've updated your website recently, it doesn't hurt to let the bots know.

The next best way to get noticed is to use social media. If you've done a project with WebSolutionZ, we've already done this but in case you need assistance, please click here.

Next, list your website on some directory sites. Here are some free Australian directories that may be worth a look. There are obviously hundreds and it pays to be discerning - if Google doesn't like a directory then your site may be better off without! (this is my local council and I think you need to live here to register, but check your local council for similar)

Obviously you can also pay to add your website address to some paid sites. Make sure you investigate the costs etc. carefully, to ensure you're getting the "most bang for your buck".

Got questions? Feel free to drop me a line. :-)