In short, yes. However, it is important to understand the following.

WebSolutionZ offer a "complete package" for those clients who prefer it - domain name registration, website hosting and website design/development. This means that all web-related invoices come from us. In some instances, this has assisted clients who regularly receive scam or fake correspondence regarding their web presence - they know they can safely ignore it if it isn't from us.


  • When WebSolutionZ create a new website for you, you may be eligible for our first year of website hosting free deal. From a technical perspective, if we are hosting your website then we have access to it. Even if you disable our Joomla! access, we could theoretically still gain access via the website hosting account.

  • When WebSolutionZ register a domain name for you, it is registered via our domain registration console. We do add your Registrant details, but as long as the domain name is within our console, we have access to it.

If you prefer to have "sole custody" of your website then we recommend setting up your own domain name and website hosting. We can build the website in your own account, and once the project is complete you can remove our Joomla! access.

A domain name can be transferred to a different registrar at any time. A domain password is required to commence the transfer. We are happy to provide the domain password upon request.

Because we build websites using Joomla! CMS and readily available components sourced via the Joomla! Extension Directory (JED), you may choose to migrate your website to a different developer at any time. Additionally, your website includes backup software, which enables you to perform backups that can be restored in any other hosting location if required.

Further details regarding ownership are available in the Website Development Contract, which is signed prior to the commencement of a project.