WebSolutionZ offers a simple, proven and accredited project management approach based on the PRINCE2 framework to successfully deliver your online needs:

  1. First, we'll schedule an Initial Meeting, to go through a set of questions so we can gain a better understanding of your requirements. Generally this takes 15-30 minutes.
  2. Next, we'll prepare and submit a Project Brief + Estimate - in plain English. This will include a high level outline of our discussion and your requirements, and a cost estimate based on what we know at this point.
  3. Should you decide to proceed - please let us know!

Next Steps

  1. Once a project is approved, we'll both sign a Client Agreement. This outlines each of our obligations and responsibilities in relation to the project we're about to undertake.
  2. You'll be provided a Tax Invoice for an initial retainer for us to commence the project strategy & planning phase.
  3. We'll schedule a meeting to go through the Project Brief + Estimate, and refine requirements. By design, the Project Brief is high level and includes some assumptions. Sometimes it might contain things a client doesn't want, and sometimes the client thinks of new things to add in. This is fine! Let's get it right!
  4. We'll prepare and submit a detailed Scope of Work (SOW) document. Sometimes this takes several drafts to get exactly right. The SOW clearly sets out what work we will be doing, what we'll need from you, and when. A good SOW is designed to set expectations and ensure successful project completion. We'll also update the Estimate to a proper Quote so you know exactly how much it will cost. When you're happy with the SOW, you'll sign off on it. That way, we all know exactly what we're creating together.
  5. We'll provide you with access to your Project Plan, and to a secure shared folder with clear instructions for content delivery.
  6. You'll be provided a Tax Invoice for 50% of the project fee (minus the initial retainer). The balance of payment will be due on final delivery of the project, or as outlined within the SOW.
  7. We'll register your domain, do your branding, set up your email, set up your social media, build your website and put it in a temporary location for you to look at it.
  8. Once you're happy with everything, we'll launch it.
  9. Then we optimise everything, to make sure it's easy to find by your target audience.
  10. We'll teach you how to use it all via a variety of online resources.
  11. You'll be provided a final Tax Invoice for the project fee balance.
  12. We'll conduct a Post Project Review.

Upon completion of the Project, WebSolutionZ offers flat rate, hourly or per-job project rates, for any further work that may be required.

For our day-to-day operations, we utilise a user-friendly but highly sophisticated and secure client management system known as the WebSolutionZ Client Area, which includes a web-based ticketing helpdesk system. It enables our clients to log in and see all of their associated services, invoices, support tickets and history of all previous correspondence relating to those services.

Don't worry if you feel that your technical knowledge may not be up to speed - plain English explanations are our preferred method of communication!

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