Frequently Asked Questions

This is a bit of a "how long is a piece of string?" question, but as a starting point, we can deliver a basic website project in 4-6 weeks.

Of course, this is dependent on a number of things!

Project Timelines are dependent on YOU

A successful digital project is a partnership between our business and yours.

Project delays can occur when those involved undertake a digital project without a full understanding of the amount of time that will be required to successfully deliver the project.

WebSolutionZ offers a simple, proven and accredited project management approach to successfully deliver your online needs

Our goal, every single time, is to deliver the best project to suit you and your organisation. It makes sense that we can't do this without a LOT of input from you.

Are you ready to start a website project?

We provide detailed project plans, but here are some key line items outlining things we will need from you on specified dates, in order for us to keep the project moving along and successfully delivered on time and on budget:

 Project Initiation, Documentation & Planning
  • Outline your business goals
  • Provide business details including ABN
  • Sign & return contract
  • Pay retainer - project planning phase
  • Review draft Scope of Work & provide feedback
  • Sign and return final Scope of Work
  • Pay invoice - project build/delivery phase
 Domain Name(s)
  • New - document required domain name(s)
  • Existing - provide current domain name login details
 Email Setup
  • New - create new paid account / provide credit card details for us to do it for you
  • Existing - provide login details
  • Define your marketing strategy and goals
  • Add us to your social accounts / provide login details
 Branding & Design
  • Provide logo & style guide
  • Approve drafts & final designs
 Website Content
  • Deliver content
    (This can be a MAJOR roadblock! Having your content available on time is the best way to speed up a project.)
 Website Media
 Website Build
  • Take a break! This part is all down to us!
 Development Site
  • Client testing & provide feedback
  • Approve development site
  • Confirm website launch date
  • Sign up for a SaaS subscription
 Site Launch
  • Announce your new website by writing a blog post / share social media posts / write an email marketing newsletter
  • Add to industry-specific sites & directories
 Final Review & Handover
  • Pay final invoice
  • Post Project Review
  • Schedule some time to go over online training resources

While we try to run most projects electronically, in some cases we may schedule weekly calls or meetings to assist with keeping things on track.

From our FAQ: Are you ready to start a website project?

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