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Did you know you can use Google My Business to communicate timely information, like whether your business is still open or what arrangements you've made during this Covid19 crisis, directly to your customers?

You can update your open/close hours, or create a Post to publish your offers, events, products, and services directly to Google Search and maps.

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You've probably received 100 updates from every company you've ever dealt with over the last couple of weeks about how they're dealing with Covid-19, so apologies in advance for another one.

Basically, it's business as usual for WebSolutionZ. We've worked remotely with a variety of clients and sub-contractors for many years now and we're not limited by location, so we're quite used to it and we're fully set up for it.

The main thing that's changed in the last couple of weeks is an increase in enquiries, from both existing clients and new, as everybody tries to work out ways to adapt to our new remote circumstances.

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As you may be aware, the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has caused quite a stir to currency markets over the past few weeks.

Our domain name registrar has advised that they are forced to make some adjustments to pricing for USD & EUR currency domain name extensions. Specifically for WebSolutionZ customers, this means domain names OTHER than .au extensions.

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Recently I read a question on the Joomla Facebook group about how to set up a blog on Joomla, and comparing the process to Wordpress.

A blog can be an important piece of your Content Marketing strategy, along with a newsletter and social media marketing.

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We build all sorts of websites, some very simple and others extremely complex. And the beauty of Joomla is that it's very simple to implement new functionality into an existing site.

Often our existing clients come back with questions about "Can I do this? What does that look like?". To that end, we've created a Demo site which demonstrates some of the more commonly-requested functionality.

Click here to visit our Demo site

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One of the best ways to boost performance and decrease page loading time in a website is to configure caching.

  A cache is effectively a snapshot of a website, so when users visit the site they are served the cached version, rather than the entire site having to re-load each time. This makes the site faster to browse.

The downside to caching from an administrative perspective is that when you perform site updates, they may not be visible in the front-end until the cache is refreshed. This is exactly how caching is designed to work - but obviously not ideal if you make a change and want to see what it looks like!

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Does your business have a blog, but no time to blog?

Content Management is one of those things that requires a certain time commitment each month. The best reason to update content regularly, is because Google rewards it - ie. there are SEO benefits.

But it also benefits your visitors - if they see new content, they will (hopefully) come back again. Regular, fresh content is one of the keys to your website's success.

The problem is, most small business clients are fully engaged in running their own business, and do not have either the time, ability or interest to regularly write their own content.

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