You've probably received 100 updates from every company you've ever dealt with over the last couple of weeks about how they're dealing with Covid-19, so apologies in advance for another one.

Basically, it's business as usual for WebSolutionZ. We've worked remotely with a variety of clients and sub-contractors for many years now and we're not limited by location, so we're fully set up for it.

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Recently I read a question on the Joomla Facebook group about how to set up a blog on Joomla, and comparing the process to Wordpress.

A blog can be an important piece of your Content Marketing strategy, along with Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

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We build all sorts of websites, some very simple and others extremely complex.

Often our existing clients come back with questions about "Can I add this? What does that look like?". To that end, we've created a Demo site which demonstrates some of the more commonly-requested functionality.

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One of the best ways to boost performance and decrease page loading time in a CMS website is to configure caching.

  A cache is effectively a snapshot of a website, so when users visit the site they are served the cached version, rather than the entire site having to re-load each time. This makes the site faster to browse.

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Does your business have a blog, but no time to blog?

Good website copy is one of those things that requires a certain level of skill, and a regular time commitment. The best reason to produce content regularly, is because Google rewards it - ie. there are SEO benefits.

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