You've probably received 100 updates from every company you've ever dealt with over the last couple of weeks about how they're dealing with Covid-19, so apologies in advance for another one.

Basically, it's business as usual for WebSolutionZ. We've worked remotely with a variety of clients and sub-contractors for many years now and we're not limited by location, so we're fully set up for it.

The main thing that's changed in the last couple of weeks is an increase in enquiries, as everybody tries to work out ways to adapt to our new remote circumstances.

Please be assured, if you've made contact, we'll get there! For existing clients, please continue to use the client support email address which funnels directly into our helpdesk system. For everybody else, please contact us via our website. Unfortunately we're not set up for phone support, but if you send an email and we need to speak to you we'll get in touch.

2020 controlWorking from home if you're not used to it can be stressful and wearing over time, so we offer the following tips to help maintain sanity over the coming weeks and/or months:

  1. Small steps now can help prevent big problems later.
  2. Focus on the things you can control, and try to ignore the things you can't control.
  3. Routine is important. Get up, shower, get dressed, eat breakfast like you normally would. It's easy to start work in your PJs, but harder to get into a "work" mindset and harder to separate work from home life in the longer term.
  4. Try to set up a separate workspace that you can close a door on, space permitting.
  5. Try to get some exercise every day. There are a bunch of options appearing online.
  6. Try to get some fresh air/sun (if it's out) every day. Some places in the world get no sun for months every winter and it's proven to mess with people. If you stay inside for days on end, it will start to affect you too.
  7. Don't do any household chores during business hours. Even a "quick" load of washing is several interruptions.
  8. Don't do any business during home hours.
  9. Black covers a multitude of sins on a video conference.
  10. Always wear pants (please!).

Please - stay safe, wash your hands and maintain social distancing!


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