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When choosing a business name, it's also important to check that an appropriate domain name is available.

In Australia, domain name policy, licensing and accreditation are managed by .au Domain Administration Ltd (auDA). However, auDA do not directly register domain names. This is handled by accredited domain name registrars.

.com.au and .net.au domain names

To protect your online identity first and foremost you should try to register <yourtradingname>.com.au.  If it is not available you may wish to register an abbreviation of your trading name, add a prefix or a suffix, or include a hyphen (-). You may also wish to consider registering additional domain names that reflect your brands, products, services, venue, events, activities, professions, and/or trademarks.

.com domain names

.com domain names may be registered by any individual or organisation anywhere in the world as they are unrestricted. Therefore, should your preferred domain name be available in the .com domain name space it would be wise to secure it as soon as practicable while it is still available.

Should I register .com or .com.au?

If you provide products or services to the Australian community then .com.au is recommended, as it indicates that you are an Australian organisation and more so, an Australian registered trading entity. The .com domain name extension, being one of the original domain name extensions, gives the impression that your business has been around for a while and has a well established presence on the web. It is a matter of personal choice, depending on what you wish to achieve.

However, in an attempt to protect commercial branding it is recommended that where possible all Australian businesses secure both the .com.au and .com versions of their company and/or trading name at the very least, and also possibly .net.au, together with the names of their major products and services.

Email addresses

It is important to also consider how you would like your email address to look. For example, if you register www.<yourtradingname>.com.au then your email address will be user @ <yourtradingname>.com.au.


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Please be aware that some domain name registrars cache searches on their site. This means that if you type in a domain name and it's available, and you don't register it straight away, there's a good chance when you go back to register it later on that it will be taken. Sneaky! WebSolutionZ do not cache searches so please feel free to use our site for your domain name searches.


If you want to purchase an Australian domain name (ie. .com.au or .net.au), you must be a commercial entity and have either an Australian Company Number (ACN) or Australian Business Number (ABN).

If you want to purchase an Australian .org.au domain name, you will need an ABN and Certificate of Incorporation ID.

Please contact WebSolutionZ if you would like us to manage your domain name registrations. The registrar that we use explicitly does not cache searches.