.au direct domain names are now available!

The direct domain extension is a new addition to the Australian domain namespace allowing any business, organisation or individual with a local connection to register a new domain name, like websolutionz.au.

Registration Price

To celebrate the launch of .au direct, we are able to offer .au direct domain names at the same price as our other .au domain names - $14.95 per year, on domain registrations of 1-5 years.

However, please be aware our domain pricing is reliant on our wholesale provider. This discounted pricing will be available until March 2023. We've had no indication what the price will look like after that, so you should factor the possibility of a higher price in to any purchasing decision.

The registration price is for the cost of the domain name for 1 year only. If you require our assistance there may be an additional charge.

Priority Access

All existing domain name holders (.com.au, id.au etc.) have until 20 September 2022 to submit their application to claim the matching .au version of the domain.

Depending on the domain name you intend to register, you’ll fall into one of two categories;

  1. Only one matching domain name exists - If there is only one existing name, the holder of that domain has until 20 September 2022 to claim the .au direct. If they claim the domain it will be registered immediately, otherwise, it will become available to the public after 20 September 2022.
  2. Multiple matching domain names exist - Any contested domain names will open up to a priority allocation process for existing .au registrants. Registrants of existing .au names will have until 20 September 2022 to apply for Priority Status - should they wish to register the .au direct match of their name.

An example of multiple matching domain names would be if you have previously purchased mydomain.com.au and mydomain.net.au, or if you purchased one and a competitor purchased the other. In this case, all other eligible domains must decline the option, before you can claim it. If you own them all, it's less complicated than if a competitor owns one.

Find out more information here:

Why would I register?

To be blunt, we see this as mostly a cash grab by the Australian domain registrar auDA. There is no requirement to register the .au direct domain name if you don't want to.

The Priority Access process is designed to prevent competitors sweeping in and registering a name before existing domain name owners get a chance to register their own name. Therefore, for brand protection purposes you may like to consider getting it, particularly if your business would be impacted if a competitor registered it instead.

How do I register?

If your current domain is registered with WebSolutionZ, you can self-register your new domain via the WebSolutionZ Client Area.

If you've forgotton your password, use the "Forgot password?" link to reset it.

Once logged in, you will see a "Register a new domain" button and box, and also a "Domains" option on the top menu (see attached).

Type in the domain name you want to register (ie. mydomain.au) and click on Register. You will be able to add your new domain name(s) to the cart and complete checkout. An invoice will be emailed to you for payment. Once payment is received, we are notified and the registration request is sent to the domain registry.

If your domain falls under option 1 above - Only one matching domain name exists - this will successfully complete your domain registration with no further input required.

More Help

However, if your domain name is contested (option 2), there are further steps to complete. At this stage we can provide you with further information for you to self-manage this process, and/or a quote to assist you in managing the process if required.

You can see if a domain is multi-contested, and who is in contention by using the Priority status tool https://www.auda.org.au/tools/priority-status-tool

If your current domain name is registered with a different provider (ie VentraIP), you should complete your .au direct application from the same provider. Log into your account and see if they have provided a quick option for you to use.

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