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Historically, as part of each new website project, WebSolutionZ have also provided a customised User Manual. These were provided when the website was launched, and have also been available as a PDF in the Attached Files section of the Client Area.

This dated back to the days when everybody printed everything off! But the downside has always been - as various parts of your website have been updated, things change, and the original User Manual becomes quickly outdated.

We've just started migrating the User Manual documentation into a Knowledgebase. This is accessible to all WebSolutionZ clients via the Client Area.

It's online, so it can be updated as websites are updated. And there is a print icon on each page, so you can print-your-own if you need to.

You will need to log in to the Client Area to access the Knowledgebase. If you've forgotten your password, please request a new one via the Forgot Password? button.

Click here to access the Knowledgebase

If you are already logged into the Client Area, it is also accessible via the Support menu.

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