Last year we wrote about setting up Frontend Content Editing for a client who had extremely simple content editing requirements.

Since then, we've set up this up for several other clients, and recorded some training videos.

This setup is ideal for those clients who only want to add a few blog posts a year, or change a price here or there. They don't want to log into the backend, or need to because we manage their website for them.

At a very basic level, a client can now log in via the frontend, which looks familiar to them, and select a function from a short, customised User Menu. Some of the options may include:

  • Create Content (or Create Blog Post / Create News, depending on their site)
  • Manage Content (can be configured to all content, or user's own content only)
  • Upload PDF (to Download Manager)
  • Add an Image (to Gallery)
  • Add an Event (to Calendar)
  • Download User Manual
  • Change Password
  • Logout

We've recorded some Training Videos to demonstrate how this works. We'll be adding more over time. Below is the first one, but please click here to view the full playlist.

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