Frequently Asked Questions

Squarespace and Wix are SaaS website builder tools which simplify web design and site creation to a handful of easy steps. Site builders allow users to use pre-built website templates and drag-and-drop elements to create and modify webpages.

Whether you’re experienced running a website or just getting started, website builders can help you get online in a fraction of the time.

How do website builders work?

Website builders are tools that typically allow the construction of websites without manual code editing. Typically, they require customers to sign up on a monthly basis, or a cheaper annual basis.

The main advantage of an online website builder is that it is quick and easy to use, and often does not require prior experience. The main disadvantage is that they are less flexible and scalable than a self-hosted CMS.

Which one is best and why?

We like Squarespace best. All Squarespace templates are beautifully designed and fully responsive, which means they work perfectly on mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop. Squarespace pricing starts at AU$16/month, and ecommerce starts at AU$25/month.

Click here to visit the Squarespace feature index page.

Wix offers "free" websites which are relatively limited. While it is very easy to use, many Wix templates are not responsive which we consider to be a problem in today's mobile-first world. Wix base pricing starts at US$10/month, and ecommerce starts at US$20/month.

If you would like our assistance getting set up, we're happy to provide a quote - please get in touch.

Both Squarespace and Wix provide free smartphone apps so you can manage your site from your iPhone or Android. It is simple to download the app and log in to your account to get started.

Why would I choose a website builder website?

Our strategy when working with clients is to first determine the client's goals and target audience, and THEN select the right tools for the job. In some cases, the best solution for a client is an SaaS website.

We've been working with Wordpress and Joomla CMS since 2006 but can quite honestly say - if your needs can be met with a website builder like Squarespace then it's difficult to argue for a CMS.

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For more information, please visit the Squarespace website or the Wix website.

Shopify is also a speciality ecommerce SaaS.

Please contact us if you have any queries or to provide a quote.