What We've Done

Name: CubbyHouseKiddz
Status: Complete, 2006

One of my first Joomla! websites.Powered by Joomla CMS.

Name: King Valley Fine Foods
Address: https://www.kingvalleyfinefoods.com.au
Project: New ecommerce website, wholesaler management + stockist map
Status: Complete, November 2019

Name: DesignerPhotoCards.com.au
Address: https://www.designerphotocards.com.au
Project: Website upgrade (from Joomla 1.5)
Status: Complete, April 2019

Name: Plus HQ
Status: Completed, June 2012. Site has since closed down.

Name: Designer Photo Cards
Address: www.designerphotocards.com.au
Status: Completed 2009

Name:Biscuit Bouquets
Status: Complete, 2008

Name:Kidz Brandz Pty Ltd
Status: Completed, 2008.

Name:Natures Company
Status: Complete, 2007

Status: Complete, 2007. Now migrated to another platform.

Status: Complete, 2006