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This new release features over 300 improvements to the popular CMS, with two primary major features aimed at developers: the new routing system and the beginning of a forward compatibility layer with Joomla! 4.0. Additionally, two security issues have been resolved. The official Joomla 3.8 Release Announcement can be found here.

If your website is managed by a WebSolutionZ Managed Maintenance Solution (MMS) plan, it was backed up and successfully updated to 3.8 last week. However, there were some reported issues on some sites using RocketTheme templates, affecting "offline" and "error" mode, which will require a further update in the coming days. The issue doesn't appear to affect the functioning of your site unless it is turned offline or there is an error.

Additionally, one of the new features in Joomla 3.8 is a technical update called the "modern router". In simple terms, this affects how an individual page URL is displayed and catalogued by search engines. Click here for more information about the modern router.

Although this functionality has been added to Joomla 3.8, it is turned off by default. This is because there are currently issues with it being enabled on existing websites - in short, it may mess up the existing search engine optimisation and result in 404 page errors. Because of this, the modern router functionality will remain disabled in your site until these issues are worked through.

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