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While writing a blog post for clients about Google Reviews, I wanted to display Google Reviews on the WebSolutionZ website.

"Install a module or plugin", you'd think, and off we go. But it wasn't so simple...

While the concept of Testimonials isn't new, Google Reviews are. And as a small business owner, few options are more helpful to your business than genuine customer reviews.

Several years ago I did some research into social media scheduling tools, so I could schedule social media posts for my Facebook page, Twitter and Google+ profile. At the time, the two main contenders were Hootsuite and Buffer.

Upon my return from the Joomla World Conference in Rome, I was invited onto the Joomla Beat Podcast to chat about my experience with Pete Bui. Listen here:

Last week I was lucky enough to attend the Joomla World Conference 2017 in Rome, Italy. This was my second JWC - in 2016 I travelled to Vancouver, Canada to attend #JWC16. That time, I didn't know anybody, which didn't matter because (a) the Joomla community are fantastic and very welcoming and (b) I'm not really the type that is daunted by walking into a room knowing nobody. ????

Several years ago I wrote a post about the dangers of focussing all your small business efforts on a platform you don't own. That post was prompted after Posterous, a simple blogging service, closed down, to the ire of many users who had built up a following using their very own Posterous URL. But even though that post was written 4 years ago, it's still 100% relevant today.

When you visit a new website for the first time, what's the next thing you do after looking at the home page?

Our statistics show that the next-most-popular page on most websites we've built is often the About page. Yep, who knew?!